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 Monday to Friday 08h30 to 16h30

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Brits radiology is a radiologic practice of Dr Reynor Kruger (Radiologist) which is dedicated to General X-rays and Ultrasound.

Situated in a unique setting in the Sieling Centre in Brits, the facility is exquisitely private, and great care was taken to create a relaxed, although professional atmosphere.



Our team consists of highly skilled and certified medical staff all of which are registered with the HPCSA.

All images, which were digitally generated, are reported by Dr Reynor Kruger.

Daleen Combrink (NDip: Radiography(Diagnostic)), and Janine Kriel (Brad(diagnostics)) is responsible for generating quality digital x-ray images for reporting.

Kathryn Du Plessis (BRad(Diagnostics); BRad(Hons)(Diagnostics); BTech (Ultrasound)) is responsible for performing ultrasound examinations as well as generating detailed reports from her findings. Janine Kriel is also currently doing training in ultrasound.

Ronel Moll is our friendly receptionist who is always there to assist the patients with any matters.

To learn about new techniques and innovative treatments, we take part in Continuing Medical Education modules on a regular basis.

We take pride in our work and strive to produce quality radiologic imaging with superb patient care.




1st trimester pregnancies

General (Abdomen and Pelvis)

Heart / Echos



Small parts (Thyroid, breasts, scrotum)

Brain and skull (Babies)


All general x-rays including Chest, Abdomen, Skull, Spine, Upper and Lower Limbs




Sieling centre c/o MacClean and Church Street


(012) - 252 6038